The Furry Ones

My daily companions in Budapest are our beloved furry-faced friends.

Meet Winston:

Photo: Richie Auter

Winston is a miniature schnauzer, and despite that young puppy face, he just turned nine years old. Richie has had him since college, which technically makes him Richie’s dog. However, since I’m the one who gives him daily walks and all of his food, I think I’m edging into the lead. Winston’s favorite things include nesting in pillows and blankets, bacon-flavored treats, and howling at the other puppies in the park when he thinks they’re not playing fairly.

Meet Lexie:

Photo: Richie Auter

Lexie is a standard poodle, and contrary to most people’s opinions of poodles, she doesn’t yip or fit in a purse. This sweet girl clocks in at about 21 kilos (46 pounds) and can bark deeper than her big brother Winston can. We got Lexie after Richie and I got married, partly because I adore standard poodles and partly because I wanted a dog that would love me best and be “my” dog. This latter part of the plan completely backfired, as she adores Richie above all others. Lexie’s favorite things include methodically ripping the stitches out of all stuffed toys, walking in circles, and licking people (particularly male people).