Repatriation Plans

More than three years ago, I wrote this post about our impending move to Budapest. It’s a little bit surreal, reading that first post again. Stefanie-of-three-years-ago was overly optimistic about her ability to learn Hungarian and her willingness to get off the couch. Now, it’s time to write about the other side… our return to the States. Here’s the FAQ on our repatriation.

When and where are you going?

We’re moving right back where we came from – Dallas, Texas – on May 31st.

Where will you live when you get there?

When we arrive, we’ll be in temporary housing. We picked an apartment close to Richie’s client in Las Colinas. The Firm provides us with 30 days of housing; after that, we’re on our own. Since we no longer own a house in Dallas, my number one priority is to find a home. We already have a fantastic realtor, and I’ve been checking out houses online for months, so hopefully the process goes smoothly. We’re primarily looking at Dallas homes that are zoned to RISD.

What will you do with the dogs?

Our temporary housing is pet-friendly, so they’ll be coming to join us as soon as my parents can make the trip up north. We have definitely missed them for the past several months (although, to be perfectly honest, I have not missed the early morning and late night dog walks).

What about cars?

We need them! We sold both our cars before we left, as they were too old to seriously consider keeping and storing them for our return. I visited the Houston Auto Show in January, so I’ve got a pretty good idea what I want, but Richie’s still making up his mind. He will have a rental car for 30 days, so we don’t have to make decisions on that immediately.

Will you be working?

I plan to, but not right away. There are a number of details that need to be seen to after our arrival (like house-hunting, receiving and going through our air and sea shipments, retrieving the items that we placed in storage before our move, doing any repairs or renovations to our hypothetical new home). It’s never a great idea to start a new job with a request for lots of time off, so while I’ll be searching for jobs upon arrival, I don’t anticipate working until a month or so afterwards.

Richie will start work a few days after we arrive, so thankfully he’ll have some time to do house-hunting with me at the beginning. I was a little worried that I’d be asked to pick our house entirely on my own!

And the #1 question we’re asked: Are you excited?!

The short answer is yes. I’ve missed my friends and family, my job, Mexican food, the ability to go to the grocery store without using Google Translate….

The long answer? I never expected to feel at home in Budapest. I thought that I might like it, perhaps I might love it in the way that you grow fond of a favorite travel spot, but I never expected that I would be genuinely devastated to leave it. We’ve built a life here that I love, with friends that I adore and are a source of strength and comfort (and fun!) to me every day. If I could just pluck all of our friends from Budapest and take them with us (as well as some of our favorite hangouts in the city, and the ability to easily travel to new countries for a weekend), the answer would be an unreserved yes.


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