House Update

The last time I mentioned the house on the blog (back in March), I said that we had just put the house on the market and that we were crossing our fingers for a quick and painless sale. Bwa ha ha ha ha.

The good news is that we’ve sold the house and are very happy with where we ended up. My dad acted as power of attorney for us and signed all of the closing documents in mid-July, and we’ve heard that the new owners are all moved in and are in love with their new home. The process of getting there, though… whew. It’s a long story, and probably best not preserved on the internet for all eternity, but I’m happy to tell you the story in person. (Let’s just wait until Richie’s not around, though, because the mere mention of our tenant sends his blood pressure skyrocketing!) The essentials are that our house had to be temporarily taken off the market due to the behavior of our tenant while realtors were trying to show the home, and then it was further delayed in being listed because of the repairs required after she moved out. On the plus side, all of those repairs meant that we knew we were in great shape for our buyers’ inspection – because we had just fixed anything that could possibly be wrong!

Our champion in this process was our realtor, Laura Crowl. We truly could not have done this without her – from the moment that my dad called with the news about the damages the tenant caused, she was on the scene, and she handled literally every aspect of the repair and cleaning. She got quotes from multiple reputable companies for the big stuff, so all we had to do was pick between the options and pay, and she had her regular cleaning and lawn care groups take care of the rest. It was such an immense benefit to us – we felt helpless, due to the time difference and the physical distance, but she bridged all of that and the house was quickly put to rights. If anyone in the Dallas area is looking for a realtor, I highly recommend Laura – she’s kind, responsive, and an incredibly hard worker.

July 20, 2010 - when Richie and I closed on the purchase of our house
July 20, 2010 – when Richie and I closed on the purchase of our house

It feels a little strange now that our house has been sold – it’s one less physical tie to our former lives back in the USA. But as I had some panicked e-mails and text messages once I posted the news of the sale to Facebook, let me assure you – we are coming back! This doesn’t mean that we’ve decided to stay permanently overseas – that’s not even an option at this point. We are open to moving abroad again in the future, or to different cities in the USA, but to the best of our knowledge, we’re returning to Dallas sometime in the first half of 2015.



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