Bad things only come in threes, right?

This has been a reallllly fun week.

It started off on Monday evening with a “Hey babe?” Which is how all the really awesome conversations start in our house. “Hey babe?” is usually a sign of annoying things to come. Usually it’s from my mouth, directed at Richie, requesting assistance with something silly at the worst possible time 🙂 This time, however, it was from Richie. He said, “Would you take a look at Winston’s mouth? It looks like he’s missing a tooth… and look, this one’s loose too.” Sure enough, one of his little front lower teeth was wiggly, and there was a conspicuous gap next to it. Richie asked me to take him to the vet in the morning to make sure he didn’t have any crazy mouth diseases, since as far as we knew, he hadn’t been in any recent street fights.

So the next morning, I headed to the vet. I have three choices to get there – walk, take public transit, or take a taxi. The walk is about 45 minutes with Winston (who likes to stop and sniff every. tree. we. pass.), and the metro ride requires a separate ticket and a muzzle, so I voted for the taxi. Note: Budapest taxi drivers DO NOT like dogs in their taxis, even little 8 kilo dogs like Winston. When you call and arrange for a taxi, you have to specify that you are bringing a dog and what size it is. Normally, at our flat, we can get a taxi in 3-5 minutes. Add a dog in to the equation, and it takes them 15-20 minutes to find a driver that will accept the dog. Did I ever post about the time that a taxi driver wanted me to put Lexie in the trunk of his car? (No, Mom, I didn’t let him!)

Luckily, the English-speaking vet was on duty at the clinic that day. He examined Winston and proclaimed that he had no issues other than “owners who apparently never had his teeth brushed.” Ouch. Guilt trip, much? I asked when we could come back to have them cleaned, and he said, “We can do it now… it’ll take about 20 minutes.” Once again, the Hungarian vet did a same-day appointment for something that would have to be booked well in advance in the US, and the cost was only 14,000 HUF (about $60). Since we’ve never done it in the US (ahem), I don’t know the cost for sure, but the interwebz says it’s around $350 there.

The poor guy emerged from his cleaning with two additional teeth pulled, leaving just one little front tooth left. The vet assured me that domesticated dogs rarely use those teeth anyway, since they don’t have to bite into their food, but the sight of the gap made my heart sink a little bit. On the positive side, the remaining teeth are pearly white and tartar free, and we got some entertainment from his groggy post-anesthesia behavior. I tried to take a photo, but he is surprisingly shy about showing his mouth now. Seriously. The dog wouldn’t open his mouth more than a millimeter for almost 2 days. Such a vain boy.

So that was Tuesday. On Wednesday, I started to come down with a stomach bug that is still persisting today, almost 4 days later. Yay.

And then, on Saturday, our poor poodle ended up in a leg cast.

IV bandage in front, cast in back. Poor girl.
IV bandage in front, cast in back. Poor girl.

One of our favorite restaurants in Budapest, Iguana, was hosting a Cinco de Mayo street party. We decided it’d be fun to take the dogs for a long walk, grab some food and a margarita at the party, and then head to our favorite wine store nearby. Lexie and Winston were quite the hit at the party, we ate some delicious food and drank wonderfully icy margaritas, and restocked some of our favorite wines to bring back to the US. Since our hands were full, we decided to take the metro home.

Somewhere in the Metro, Lexie’s back paw was cut – badly. We never saw it happen, because she never made a sound or stumbled, but suddenly as we were standing in the car, blood started pooling around her foot. Richie held it (her paw and his wits) together while I said “Oh geez, oh no, oh yuck, what do we do?” over and over again. He managed to fashion together a makeshift bandage to last until we could get her to our apartment, while I phoned our landlord to ask if he knew of any emergency vets that were open on Saturday evenings. Luckily, as a man married to a Hungarian who owns several dogs, he was able to provide several names and numbers of vets that could take us. We arranged for a taxi and bolted to the 15th district, where a vet proclaimed that she needed several stitches and that it would require anesthesia. It took about an hour, and luckily there were several adorable dogs in the waiting room to keep us distracted while we waited. Lexie emerged with the giant blue cast on her leg, which almost set me off sobbing again! Clearly I am going to have to pull it together better when we have children and they, inevitably, have accidents.

Through the whole ordeal, Miss Lex was calm and quiet, and she gave Richie some tail wags when he came to lift her back into the taxi. What a trooper.

Big brother checking out the damage

She’s due for a check-up on Monday afternoon, when they’ll take off the big bandage and determine if they need to put another one on or if she can just have a little wrap. Meanwhile, she’s soaking up all the snuggles and belly rubs she can get.

So, since bad things come in threes, we should be done for awhile…. Right?



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