Time Flies!

On March 12th, we celebrated our one year anniversary in Budapest! It’s amazing to me that one year has gone by. Everyone told me that two years abroad would feel like no time at all in the grand scheme of things, and while I wouldn’t say that, the past year has been a whirlwind. Here’s a few stats from our time in Budapest thus far.

Number of cities visited together: 18 [more or less in order: Ljubljana, Bled, Etyek, Krakow, Oświęcim (Auschwitz), Oslo, Stockholm, Helsinki, Tallinn, Barcelona, Prague, Szentendre, Visegrad, Munich, Hohenshwangau (Neuchwanstein Castle), Salzburg, Dubai, Mayrhofen]

Number of countries visited together: 12 [Hungary, Slovenia, Poland, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Estonia, Spain, Czech Republic, Germany, Austria, UAE]  Oh, and we drove through Slovakia to get to Poland… if that counts 😉

Number of trips to the dog park: approximately 1,095

Number of dog bites sustained at the dog park: 3 [Winston was bitten twice on his ear, Lexie once on her nose]

Most commonly used word in Hungarian: bocsánat (sorry / excuse me, said at LEAST 5 times a day)

Most commonly used phrase in Hungarian: Sajnálom, csak egy kicsi beszélek Magyarul. Beszélsz Angolul? (I’m sorry, I only speak a little Hungarian. Do you speak English?, said between 2-5 times a day) 

Longest word in Hungarian that I can pronounce properly: Megsimogathatom (may I pet it, said regularly to me by small children running up to Lexie)

Number of photos taken: 3,955

Pairs of shoes destroyed from walking so much: three

Pounds gained from eating too many pastries: NONE, thanks to the walking! Whew.

Number of visitors: 14!! [including people who were planning trips to Budapest anyway, but they still count :)]

Number of times I’ve said “UGH! I HATE IT HERE!”: once, when my hair (stripped by the really hard water in Budapest) got stuck in my brush for what seems like the 50th time. Richie informed me that I might be overreacting just a bit.

Number of times I’ve said “I LOVE IT HERE!”: too many to count.


One Reply to “Time Flies!”

  1. Fascinating stats, Stefanie. I am a little behind in my reading so just read this and “Time flies”. So thankful for the great year y’all have had and looking forward to hearing all about the new year. Hugs to my buddies Winston and Lexie! Sure miss all of you! Love ya! – Paula


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