A Tale of Two Conversations

I’m out with the dogs when a tourist flags me down and asks me for directions.

Tourist: “So this is Andrassy?”

Me: “Yes, and you’re at the Oktogon, here <pointing at map>.”

Tourist: “Well then what street have I been walking on?”

Me: “Um. I’m not sure. What street HAVE you been walking on?”

Tourist: “This one.”

Me: “Yes, this is Andrassy.”

Tourist: “But I haven’t been walking on this street.”

Me: “….”

Tourist: “Can you make your dog stop staring at me?”

A few minutes later, I run into a guy with a dog I recognize (that’s not poor grammar – I recognize the dog, not the guy :)).  We start chatting after he rescues me from an uncomfortable encounter with a person that Kleckner would describe as a “smelly”. He mentions he co-owns this dog with the guy I’ve met before.

Guy with dog (GWD): “So, are you studying to be a veterinarian?”

Me: “Why does everyone ask me that?”

GWD: “Blonde girl with multiple pets. All veterinary students in Budapest that aren’t Hungarian are Scandinavian.”

Me: “Oh, okay. No, I’m just here with my husband, he works here.”

GWD: “So you do what?”

Me: “I’m a housewife, I guess… I cook, I walk the dogs.”

GWD: “I do both of those things and I study too.”

Me: “How nice, what do you study?”

GWD: “You know, I was learning in history about how women have advanced, since World War II they generally work for a living and are educated.”

Me: “…”

GWD: “I guess not all women.”


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