Winston Update

Just a short and sweet update on Winston’s ear – lots of folks have asked how bad the damage is and how he’s doing.  The cut is reallllllllly small considering how much it was bleeding!  It’s a bit hard to see in the photo because it’s just a little wedge-shaped tear from the corner.


Winston is in no way traumatized by this – today he picked a “fight” with a 60 pound Vizsla at the dog park.  The dog’s owner was pretty amused that my little 20 pound guy was so intent on playing with him.  It’s really pretty cute, anytime Winston lets out one of his trademark schnauzer howls, everyone nearby goes “Awwwww!”

Lexie’s not left out of the fun at the park – she’s made a new best friend (Richie calls him her boyfriend).  He’s a Czechoslovakian wolfdog named Kaszmir, and if she spots him through the fence, she starts running to him (and dragging me behind her on her leash).  If only I could make friends as easily as the dogs do… but the language barrier is not as difficult for dogs to overcome 🙂


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