Homeless No More

We officially have our “permanent” residence in Budapest!

We signed the papers this morning.  Technically, Richie signed all the papers, as my signature means virtually nothing over here.  Apparently non-working non-citizens don’t have a lot of legal authority.  Wacky, I know.

I was incredibly nervous this morning because while I had visited the apartment (and fallen in love with it in about five seconds flat), Richie had never set foot in it and had only seen a few hastily snapped photos from a slightly busted camera.  But after he saw it this morning, Richie said it was definitely the best flat of all the ones we’d seen and that he loved it.  Whew!  Either that or, you know, he was lying because it’s too late to change our minds now 😉

There are lots of great things to love about our new home.  It’s in a really great area – Oktogon Tér (tér means “square” in Hungarian… although Google Translate just told me that it means “space”… so don’t trust me on any Hungarian translation issues, apparently).  It’s very centrally located and is close to lots of restaurants and public transit options.  In fact, while searching for any online information about the area, I found this awesome photo of the Oktogon metro station being constructed in 1896.  The building you see behind it on the right is our new home.  Crazy, huh?

The apartment itself has been renovated fairly recently, so it’s got all of the modern conveniences (including a washer AND dryer, which won’t sound particularly special to Americans but is a luxury here).  They kept or restored some of the historic touches that give it some charm, though.  The fireplace, for example, doesn’t work but has lovely scrollwork and a stained glass front, and the dining room, guest room, and master all have gorgeous ceilings.  There’s a lot of storage as well – Richie and I each have our own wardrobes, and there’s a third in the guest bedroom, so between all of that and our coat closet, surely there will be enough room for all of my shoes 🙂

We also received our air shipment today!  It took a bit longer than expected to clear customs, but it actually worked out really well because we were able to have it delivered straight to the new apartment.  Our sea shipment is probably still a few weeks away, but our apartment is fully furnished so we’ll be able to use it right away.  Once our final shipment arrives, our landlord will remove anything from the apartment that we no longer need them to provide.  That’s actually another wonderful thing about our apartment – the property management company is part owned by an American who lives here full-time, and he actually lived in this apartment when he first came to Budapest.  He’s mentioned over and over that we only need to call or e-mail for any help we need, from changing lightbulbs to finding the best markets, and I’m sure he’ll prove to be a great resource here.

All right, enough blabbing!  Here are some photos of the apartment, taken tonight as we unpacked our air shipment.

The dining room (as seen from the kitchen)
My favorite part of the dining room!
Kitchen, as seen from the dining room
Our massive guest room... ready for YOU!
Master bedroom - it's hard to take a picture of the whole room because it's really wide. It extends for another 4-5 feet to the right and the left of the photo.
The master bath - love the bathtub!!

We still need to pack up all of the things we’ve been using in our temporary housing and bring them over to the new place, but we should be fully moved in by Sunday afternoon.  I can’t wait to settle in and start exploring our new area!


8 Replies to “Homeless No More”

  1. This is SO AWESOME. I’m swooning. I love the fireplace and the chandelier. So much charm. :c) House Hunters International is scamming me because no one ever ends up with places this cool.


  2. Thanks everyone! And Amy – it’s funny because we actually know (in a friend-of-a-friend sort of way) the people who were on House Hunters Budapest, and they mentioned to us that HGTV was wanting to film more people who were moving overseas. Now I keep hearing commercials for their new series – it sounds like it’s based on people just like us who are relocating for a couple of years! I’m glad we didn’t follow up on it though… I think I’m way too awkward for TV 😉


  3. HOW COOL! Dude, this is awesome! I’m so jealous – I don’t even want to TALK about how our apartment in Lufkin will compare… (Hint: Hungary > Lufkin, at least in the housing department). Congratulations!!!


  4. Where exactly are you located? I know you are on the Pest side. Are you close to Ryan & Jen’s church? We’ve been twice and love it!! Go to the 10AM service. That’s when they go, and their friend Kriztina is the interpreter (sermons, etc in English!). Great praise & worship band!


    1. We are pretty close to the church – we are at the Oktogon, so just a couple of tram stops down the Korut from the church. We haven’t checked it out yet – it’s on our list, but somehow we just haven’t made it happen yet! Hopefully soon.


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