To say this has been a busy week would be a huge understatement.  Since my last post, we packed up the rest of our stuff and put it into storage, stayed the night at the fantastic Joule hotel downtown (since, you know, all our beds were either in storage or in transit), cleaned and did paint touch-ups to prepare for renters, drove to Houston to stay with my folks, sold both of our cars, flew to Frankfurt, then Budapest, and moved into our temporary housing.

I’m not going to sugarcoat – it was all really, really hard.  Staring at our completely empty house that we moved into as newlyweds, we realized that by the time we complete our tour in Budapest, we’ll have lived there longer than we did in our home in Dallas.  And man, our house felt empty.  I said that about 900 times to the movers.  Finally, “Taz” (there could be a blog post solely about Taz, our mover who wore silver skull rings on every finger and drove a Harley) said “Isn’t that kind of the point?”  Point taken, Taz, I’ll shut up now.

Both of our families came to the airport to see us off, and thank goodness, because we needed every single one of them to help us get all our stuff out of the three (yes, three) cars and into the airport.  Saying goodbye to our families was incredibly hard.  I really hope (hint, hint!) they all come to visit us soon!

Our flights were pretty uneventful, although I have to say that I am now spoiled by business class.  That was the only time I’ve ever managed to sleep well on an airplane!  The second flight from Frankfurt to Budapest was slightly marred by the fact that I suddenly got sick (I know… who is actually surprised by this?) and just recovered today.  Nerves plus really weird food served on the flight plus turbulence equals unhappy Stefanie.  On the plus side, I’ve already experienced how great our international health insurance plan is.

Anyway… when we landed in Budapest, Lexie and Winston arrived via the baggage carousel.  Slightly odd, but whatever.  They handled the trip like champs.  Lexie was just chilling in her crate when we pulled her off the carousel; Winston was a little more stressed out, but they both seemed much better than we had expected.  In fact, they’ve handled the whole trip better than either Richie or me 🙂

Despite needing 3 cars to get to IAH, we just needed one giant van to get from the Budapest airport to our temporary digs.  The problem was getting it all INTO the apartment – I basically sat on a street corner with 5 suitcases, 2 laptop bags, 2 carryons, and two dogs in dog crates for about 20 minutes while Richie went through the check-in process.  Luckily, the people on the streets of Budapest seemed far more interested in their own conversations and lives than in our bags.

Richie and I are going to look at flats tomorrow for our permanent housing, so until we decide on that, there’s not much more to share! So enjoy these photos of the dogs.  They clearly do not have a clue that we’re outside of the US – they just want a comfy spot to sit in.

Winston staking a claim on one of the duvets
Lexie claimed a couch for her own about 30 seconds after being let into the apartment.


The Széchenyi Chain Bridge (Széchenyi Lánchíd) over the Danube River in Budapest - we took a long walk tonight and this was the view just after we crossed it on our way home. Absolutely gorgeous.

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