Movin’ Out

Packing has begun!

A lot of people were asking me, in my last few days of work, how the packing was going.  It’s not, I answered.  That was mostly met with an awkward chuckle and a look that distinctly conveyed that I was a nutcase.

I’m not much of a packer.  I procrastinate until the day or two before, and usually my method involves raiding the cupboard under the sink for my stash of shopping bags, throwing items in randomly until I’m afraid that the bag will rip in my hands, and then carrying carloads of such shopping bags to my new destination.  This has served me well for my past 4 moves, as the average distance of those moves was less than a mile (and in one case, approximately 100 yards).   Obviously, this method does not work so well when you’re crossing an ocean.  When Richie informed me that we would have movers provided by the firm, and that in fact we were not allowed to pack a single thing ourselves as the movers would be required to repack it for liability reasons, I did an internal jig of joy.  I’m sure Richie did as well, as he’s had to assist me in at least 3 of the shopping-bag-moves and probably came close to shoving a shopping bag over my head.

So the majority of our “packing” involved going through all of our possessions and sorting them into “we can’t live without this”, “we love this but don’t need it for the next few years”, and “why do we have this?”  It’s a little sad how much fit into that last category.  The guy at the Goodwill drop-off now knows me a little too well and is probably judging me for the things we’ve dropped off.

This morning, the movers arrived to pack and take our air and sea shipments.  The air shipment is pretty small (about 250 pounds, although we were authorized for up to 500) and is scheduled to arrive in about 2 weeks, so we mostly packed things that we need but couldn’t fit into our suitcases (some clothes, dog food, and of course, Richie’s cowboy boots).  The sea shipment will take 4-6 weeks to arrive, so it should get there after we move from our temporary housing to our “permanent” housing.

The movers will be back tomorrow to pack up everything that’s going into storage, but wow, our house already looks pretty empty.  I took a few pictures of the progress that was made today.  Enjoy!

Our master bedroom, all packed up!
A portion of our sea shipment, ready to load in the crate
Our crate for sea shipment arrives!
Don't worry... they won't ship us by container.

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