jagged little asteroids

It’s not quite as catchy as Jagged Little Pill, but that’s what Winston had removed during surgery yesterday.  Ouch.  The surgery took about 3.5 hours, which is three times longer than a typical stone removal. The spiky edges of the stones, and their location, made his surgery pretty complicated.  A second surgeon was called in to assist and everything.  Crazy, right?  But our little guy is tough and brave and is already back to wagging his little nub of a tail at us.

We brought him home today and thus far he has had to endure two embarrassments.  The first is every dog’s nemesis – the plastic cone on his head.  When we put it on, he hung his head in shame.  No lie.  This boy has his pride.  Out of respect for that I haven’t taken any pictures of it… but that will probably last about a day.  It’s pretty funny 🙂

The second is that we can’t leave him unsupervised – so we have been crating him in big sister Lexie’s dog crate.  He’s currently lying on a puffy pink bed, with a pink blanket covered in hot pink hearts under his head, and a pink dragon to snuggle with.  Maybe he’ll make pink the new blue for boys.

Besides those two doggie embarrassments, he’s doing great!  We are so thankful for your thoughts and prayers for our little guy.  Winston is a big part of our family (even though he’s only 19 pounds!) and we’re grateful he’s come through a traumatic surgery with no major problems.


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