Gettin’ crafty!

I’ve been seeing yarn-covered wreaths all over Pinterest, and Etsy, and every other place I go for inspiration.  They looked really basic – you grab a foam wreath from the craft store, cover it in yarn, and add a pretty decoration. How hard can that be, right?

Well, while it’s not hard, my gosh it is tedious.

This is what my wreath looked like after 15 minutes of wrapping:

Progress… kind of…

Part of this is due to me being a perfectionist, and part of it is due to the fact that if you want the yarn to completely cover the green of the foam, you have to wrap it *really* tightly.  I got into a pretty good groove of wrapping 10-15 times of loose layers, then squishing those layers together, then analyzing it from every angle to ensure that no green was visible.  After approximately 90 minutes… yes, that is an hour and a half of yarn-wrapping… I ended up with this.

Wrapped and ready!

The very top of the wreath, where I started and ended the yarn, looked a little bulky, but I wasn’t super concerned since that’s where the ribbon will go to hang the wreath.

Then I started working on the decoration.  I originally planned to do roses, so that it wouldn’t be solely a Christmas wreath – so I started on them, following instructions I found here.  It actually was really easy, and I had 8-9 roses done in a few short minutes, but I wasn’t in love with them.  I kept flashing back to my favorite wreath from Etsy and those gorgeous poinsettias.  By this time, Richie was home from his soccer game and he was kind enough to humor his wife as she relentlessly pestered him with questions about felt wreath flowers.  Oh, I love my hubby.  So the consensus was – the roses are lame, go for the poinsettias.

Here is my final product:

And… done!

It’s not anywhere near as awesome as my inspiration wreath, probably because it’s only the second crafty/DIY thing I’ve ever done in my life, but I love it.  And it didn’t cost $40 plus $12 shipping.  In fact, let’s do a quick tally.

  • Foam wreath – $5.99
  • Yarn – $2.49 for the whole thing – I used probably half of it, but since I have no idea what to do with a bunch of leftover brown yarn (other than make another wreath, I suppose) we’ll count the whole thing.
  • Red felt – $0.29 per rectangle, and I used 4 rectangles with all of the test roses and poinsettia leaves – so $1.16
  • Hot glue gun and glue sticks – already owned!
So my total is $9.64 (I think – if you’re sneering at my mental math abilities, please remember that even though I’m an accountant, I always have a 10-key nearby at work and therefore have forgotten basic addition).  Savings – $42.36!  Wowza.  Now that I’ve written that down, there’s no way Richie’s going to allow me to order that one off Etsy.  Sadly, the man is immune to my pouty-pretty-please-face.
For those who are wanting a Winston update – we don’t have one 😦  We haven’t heard back from the vet yet on his blood work, and so I am choosing to take the no-news-is-good-news approach.  I have to stop in tomorrow to pick up a refill of his pain medication, so I will harass (ahem, politely ask) them tomorrow.  Until then, we really appreciate all of the love and prayers that are coming our way!

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