Prayers for Winston

Speaking of organs (that’s quite a segue, hmm?) … there’s something wrong with one of Winston’s.  It could be as simple as bladder stones, or it could be as big as prostate cancer.  He had blood work done today in preparation for surgery next Tuesday, and hopefully we’ll know exactly what the problem is and that surgery will be his last.

Either way, Richie and I would love your thoughts and prayers over the next week or so.  I know for some people a dog is just a dog, but for us Winston has been Richie’s constant companion for over seven years, and he’s actually one of the ways Richie and I became good friends in college.  I was desperately missing my dog while at A&M, and when I met Richie and found out he had just gotten a puppy, I pretty much begged him to allow me to come over and play on a regular basis.  I joke with Richie that I loved Winston before I ever loved Richie!

All of that to say – he is a dearly loved part of our little family, and we want him happy and healthy for many years to come.


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